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Although TB Consulting is brand new (TB – that’s me, Tanya Bettridge), I’ve essentially been doing this pro bono for many years. Armed with an education in business (and as many marketing courses as possible), years of experience in public education, social media marketing, communications, public relations and all the fun stuff that makes “Pub Ed” great, I decided it’s time to focus solely on what I love as a career.

I didn’t get here alone… along the way I had supportive Fire Chiefs, my amazing OAFE colleagues (who are first class humans and supporters), an extensive volunteer career that gave me so many skills and experiences, and of course, a loving and supportive family.

I am very excited to be on the cusp of a new era for public education. Organizations across the globe are recognizing the ROI of education & prevention. Even more thrilling, is the recognition that public education is a specialized field; the days of it being only a fire department’s “light duty” option or an agency’s legislative duty, are ending. The results, that I am seeing from public education professionals all over the world, are astounding. Think of the lives this industry will be saving.

So, I took everything that I do best and created a stable of services that opens opportunities to work with organizations who want to capture the attention of their audience, inspire quality engagement and leave a lasting impact for a safer tomorrow. Now more than ever, organizations are looking for cost-effective solutions that deliver the best value. I’m happy to offer those solutions.

I am happy to work within your budget. One of the positive outcomes of the current pandemic is that so much of what we do has moved to a virtual platform. That means that we can connect and collaborate and reduce or eliminate expenses such as meeting spaces, travel and accommodations.

Since TB Consulting is brand new, organizations that connect with me first will reap the benefit of Early Bird discounts. Contact me today so that we can get started on a safer tomorrow.

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