About TB Consulting

Capture. Engage. Impact.

Founder Tanya Bettridge was born with a marketing mind. From a young age, Tanya honed her creative and persuasive writing skills and the ability to make a message attractive to the target audience.

In 2006, she started her journey into Fire & Life Safety Education, creating farm fire safety educational materials which would then be adopted by the OFM(EM). She would later upgrade those materials into a full-fledged program that has been adopted by fire departments and agencies across North America.

In 2015, Tanya was elected as Director of Communications of the Ontario Association of Fire Educators (OAFE – formerly Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educators, OFLSE). Working with this incredible team, the OAFE has created resources used throughout Ontario, conducts workshops, seminars, conferences and has raised the profile of Public Education in the province.

Her ability to craft attention-capturing messaging that engages target audiences and dynamic speaking skills resulted in a speaking tour throughout North America. The session, originally delivered at the NFPA Conference & Expo® in Boston, resonated with the audience and led to repeat sessions in various state and provincial conferences. Prior to COVID-19, Tanya was slated to speak at several more conferences in Canada and the USA, teaching attendees how to modernize messaging that will get the audience’s attention and compel them to adopt safer behaviours.

Throughout her career, Tanya has been involved in traditional, social and digital media marketing, communications, public education, community risk assessment and strategic planning. From designing and maintaining websites to corporate communications and social media to public education programming, Tanya’s approach is audience-first. Community profile and demographic analysis are paramount first steps, culminating in messaging that will not only resonate with the target audience, but impact their behavioural decision-making.

And, as Tanya likes to point out… have a lot of fun in the process.

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