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Dull to Dynamic Videos – 3 Tips

Think back… who were your favourite teachers? What made a speech keep you captivated? What Superbowl commercial do you STILL remember? (does it involve “Wazzzuuuuppppp?”) When doing a safety video, apply those same attributes that made the above connections so memorable for you. Message retention is important in changing the behaviours of your audience, whichContinue reading “Dull to Dynamic Videos – 3 Tips”

Let Pub Ed save you some money

You own an oil company. Your drilling crews are top-notch. And they have been drilling and drilling… every shift, their work ethic and skill are unquestionable. But no oil. You upgrade the equipment and add more crews. You increase their training. After several years of drilling every day and getting no oil out of it,Continue reading “Let Pub Ed save you some money”

3 Myths & Truths of Pub Ed

I make it a habit of reading every Fire Master/Strategic Plan I come across. I’m a bit of a Plan nerd that way. A Fire Department’s Master Plan is a municipality’s short & long term strategic plan for its fire & emergency services. It’s also an accurate reflection of how modern/proactive that organization is. OneContinue reading “3 Myths & Truths of Pub Ed”

TB Tip: Have you got game?

Gaming is here… in a BIG way Many parents at one time told their kids that video games “won’t pay the bills”, advising their console-hugging offspring that playing video games would never amount to anything positive. In 2019, parents around the world were corrected as 16-year-old American Kyle Giersdorf, known online as Bugha, took home the US$3Continue reading “TB Tip: Have you got game?”

TB Tip: The Straw Test

Why do the straw test? The general public’s exposure to what a fire is like, mainly comes from Hollywood. One look at any movie or TV show that featured a fire, generally shows fog-like smoke that is easily seen through and navigated (with the occasional cough thrown in for dramatic effect). Firefighters and fire victimsContinue reading “TB Tip: The Straw Test”

Welcome to TB Consulting!

Although TB Consulting is brand new (TB – that’s me, Tanya Bettridge), I’ve essentially been doing this pro bono for many years. Armed with an education in business (and as many marketing courses as possible), years of experience in public education, social media marketing, communications, public relations and all the fun stuff that makes “PubContinue reading “Welcome to TB Consulting!”

TB Tip: Is your organization trending?

As fire departments and safety orgs across the globe struggle to connect with audiences to inject fire & life safety messages, I have good news to share. With a teaspoon of cleverness, a half cup of creativity, and a dash of good timing, your FD can capitalize on “what’s trending”. Every special occasion or majorContinue reading “TB Tip: Is your organization trending?”

Does your Pub Ed program need more teeth?

“Our shareholders have been patient, but let’s be honest: no one is impressed by a dinosaur anymore… These days, kids look at a Stegosaurus like an elephant from the city zoo… consumers want them bigger, louder – ‘more teeth’.” Jurassic World character Claire Dearing Have a look at your fire department’s public education programming. AreContinue reading “Does your Pub Ed program need more teeth?”

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