Pub Ed Audit

Look at how your department has advanced its suppression equipment and processes. Let TB help do the same for your Public Education.

Think about the world today vs 20 years ago. Has your Pub Ed kept up with its audience?

Pub Ed Audit

Don’t let the “audit” term scare you! The goal for our audit is to give clients a positive, effective and beneficial experience.

Why do a Pub Ed Audit?

Like firefighting, Public Education is a specialized field; it takes a specific set of skills, traits and experience to be effective. Unfortunately, the first line of defence is often considered (especially in terms of staffing & budget) the last priority. This has forced fire departments to cross-train and utilize existing resources to conduct its Pub Ed, which in turn usually leads to reliance on traditional/outdated approaches. If your department has been doing Pub Ed but the call volume hasn’t gone down… it’s time for a Pub Ed audit.

Why Invest in Pub Ed?

Pub Ed actually benefits Suppression:

  • Short-term physical health – often the difference, between arriving on scene to find a family safely outside or trapped inside, is Public Education. The difference in firefighter risk between a rescue and non-rescue fire is huge.
  • Long-term physical health – all those families and occupants waiting safely outside means reduced risk of exposure to carcinogens.
  • Mental health – extinguishing a fire can be the most thrilling part of the job. Retrieving bodies from one, can be devastating. The difference is often an effective public education program.

Pub Ed benefits your budget:

Benjamin Franklin said it best… “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Statistically, Public Education saves more lives & property for less budget than Suppression; but… only if it’s effective. Strategic public education can (and should) involve all three lines of defence. No matter how big or small your department is, or how it’s structured, effective public education is possible.

Pub Ed engages everyone:

The one line of defence that everyone can participate in, is Public Education. From your community to Council, staff to the media, businesses and stakeholders… everyone can be involved.

Audit Packages

Audit Package A:

  • Community profile, demographics and incident analysis
  • Departmental budget, strategic/master plan, divisional and resources correlation review
  • Complete assessment of past and current Pub Ed programming including social and traditional media channels/processes
  • Analysis of current Pub Ed training
  • Strategic, data-based recommendations – short and long-term

Audit Package B:

  • All package A items
  • Staff training (or train-the-trainer)
    • In-person Pub Ed (school visits, station tours, community events)
    • Large group/public speaking
    • Utilizing technology for today’s audience
    • Crafting the perfect/timely message
    • Lesson Planning
    • Virtual Pub Ed
    • Dynamic public speaking
  • Sample Pub Ed Campaign Template

Audit Package C:

  • Custom package – you tell us what you need & we will design a customized package for you

Give your community a lightbulb moment.

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