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Public Education isn’t just for fire departments; emergency management, public health, policing and EMS can all benefit from our expertise.

Today’s events and audience culture want things online. That’s why we offer most seminars and training sessions virtually.

When your crews get a call, you want confidence knowing they have the skills to respond. You should have just as much confidence in the effectiveness of your public education.

Is your organization ready to wake up its audience?


From Tired to Trending: Modernizing Messages for Today’s Audience

FOR: Anyone responsible for public education creation or delivery, decision-makers and senior leadership, agencies looking to refresh their content

No matter how valuable your public education program is, it will only be effective if you first get the audience’s attention. Today’s audience is tech-savvy, low attention-span and shifts quickly from pop culture trend to trend. Your public education program messaging needs to be able to keep up with the times. This session will show you how to bring life back into your lead-in messaging so that your programming will be received and effective.

This fun, interactive and engaging seminar has been done in as little time as an hour, to a full-day session. The most common duration is 2-3 hours. Attendees learn:

  • Why is Pub Ed important? Who does it benefit and how?
  • What makes Pub Ed successful and how is success determined?
  • What audiences respond to (fear, laughter, heart-strings) and how can we use that?
  • Tips & tricks of the trade, from simple message tweaks to when messages hit hardest
  • How to craft the perfect message & compel behaviour change using the ABC Spectrum

Selling Safety

This one-hour session takes attendees through the use of marketing and the idea of “selling safety”.

  • TB’s principles of Capture. Engage. Impact. and why those are integral steps.
  • Examine private sector examples of how marketing has changed over the years, with a focus on the shift to content marketing
  • TB’s MACT process – Message~Audience~Channel~Timing
  • Applying the above lessons into the attending org’s public education

Small Budget, Big Pub Ed

A one-hour session that is geared for small and/or volunteer departments and organizations that just don’t have the big bucks for specialized staff or marketing campaigns. The session gives attendees all the tips & tricks of doing a lot more with less, making the best use of current resources, seizing low and no-cost opportunities, and even how to maximize the traditional “booth”.



  • Tips & tweaks for making the most impact during station tours, door-to-door programs, event booths and truck visits
  • Knowing your audience – a quick overview of audience demographics and how to adjust how you communicate
  • Being an off-duty advocate – how firefighters can create safer communities when not on duty
  • Public speaking – how knowing you’re the content expert can ease nerves, the value of story-telling and how to make even boring stuff… fun


  • How to turn every inspection into a Pub Ed success
  • Why do they have to yell at you? Tips & tricks on how to prevent and manage those folks who just don’t want you there
  • Beyond 1035 – if you’ve got the 1035 foundation, we’ll elevate it into applicable skills for today’s target audiences

Public Education

  • I’ve got 1035, now what? The 1035 is a great foundation, now let’s build the rest of the Pub Ed house.
  • School visits – all the tips & tricks for every age range. Yes, even the teenagers.
  • Community stakeholders – who are they? We’ll identify a variety of groups and how to create mutually beneficial relationships
  • Tools of the digital trade – the art of posts, tweets, engagement, which platforms work best and how to make every message stand out
  • Infographics – what are they and why are they the go-to tool for digital and print media?
  • Booth truth – how to maximize your safety themed booth, get people to STOP and interact, and ways to get your superb space for less cost
  • ESL – when English is not their first language, how do you get the message across?
  • Strategic Pub Ed – how to create data-based strategies so that your messages are hitting the areas needed the most
  • … and more!

Give your community a lightbulb moment.

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